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~NEW!~ Ultimate Zen Package

Relax, balance your chakras, remove some blocks, lift your vibration, get grounded and receive some clarity!

Package includes:

  • 1 hour Reiki – For more information about my Reiki style and training, please scroll down to the Reiki heading.
  • 10 minutes Sound Massage – I’ve found sound massage following reiki a beautiful way to finish the session. The sound bowls are placed directly onto the body and the sound frequencies create a full body healing and relaxation experience.
  • Flower Essence  – Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine made from infusing specific flowers holding various energetic frequencies. The infusions are preserved in brandy and a few drops can be taken orally, or used externally on the skin. This helps us shift, heal, process or release what we need to as part of the healing process. I have over 200 flower essences available. I select the one appropriate to you at the time of the session based on what shows energetically. Flower essences come with meanings, descriptions and affirmations to give us deeper understanding and insight.
  • 15 minutes mini Tarot Reading – For more information about my Tarot Readings, please scroll down to the Tarot heading.

Approx 90 mins – $120

Intuitive Energy Healing

After having a chat about where you’re at and what you’re hoping to achieve, I’ll tune in to your energy and emotional body, then combine tools, techniques and modalities available for optimum results.

Initial – 90 mins – $120

Follow up session – 60 mins – $90

If you would prefer one particular modality, that’s fine too. 


Kinesiology is a non-invasive holistic healing modality. It combines the wisdom of Eastern Medicine healing techniques with the knowledge of Western Medicine. Muscle monitoring (applying gentle but firm pressure against a muscle to determine whether it’s able to hold, or if the muscle gives way) is used to locate conscious and subconscious stress and imbalances.

Kinesiology can be procedure based (it can often involve scanning pages of information and flicking through books to uncover what the body needs) however as we work to restore balance and correct the energy flow we often go quite deep into the energy body. Corrections to imbalances often include chakra balancing, aura realignments, emotional and spiritual aspects, sound healing, acupressure, flower essences, reiki and more.

It addresses and may reduce physical pain or discomfort, improve the function of body systems, improve brain and nervous system function, stress management, sleep issues, relationship issues, overcoming subconscious blocks preventing us living the life we want, trauma and so much more. Even a healthy person can benefit from kinesiology and the sense of balance and peace it brings as it helps us reach for our potential and live our best life.

For a great little video explanation on kinesiology, please watch: What is Kinesiology?

Initial Appointment: 80 mins – $110

Follow-up: 70 mins – $90

Chakra Balancing Massage

Originating in India, this Chakra Balancing Massage is gentle, non-invasive, relaxing and beneficial to all body systems.

It’s common for Reiki and other healing frequencies to come through during the massage to allow for deeper healing, clarity and balance.

60 mins – $80


Originating in Japan, Reiki channels a frequency of high vibrational life force energy that promotes healing, deep relaxation and can clear blockages throughout the energy body.

Some other benefits of Reiki may include mental clarity, better quality sleep, general calm, personal empowerment, being grounded and centred and greater connection with our higher self and body.

I have completed Reiki Master level of the Usui Holy Fire III system of healing and am fifth in line from Reiki founder, Dr Usui. Obtaining the purest, most direct reiki lineage possible was very important to me to ensure correct use of traditional symbols and to receive proper attunements. The traditional Usui system of healing and symbols used in conjunction with Holy Fire (Developed by William Lee Rand) has enabled Reiki healing energy to be taken to a new level and be adapted to keep up with the rapid ascension in human consciousness we are currently experiencing.

I’ll discuss any energy blocks and messages that may come to me intuitively throughout the session which can further assist healing and processing.

60 mins – $80

Microsoft Word - Reiki Lineage.docx

~NEW!~ Tarot Reading

Whether you are looking for specific guidance or a general reading to see what energy presents itself, I use Rider Waite Tarot cards to help interpret what’s going on for you. I combine the generic meanings and interpretations of the cards with intuitive guidance and/ or channeled messages. To close the reading I also use various Oracle cards for confirmation and further information.

I love using the tarot as a tool to read the current energy at hand. However, I fully recognise and encourage the person being read for to also recognise that what shows is the most likely outcome and experience with what is happening in this particular moment. Everyone has free will. A change in perspective, thought and action can modify the outcome which is a beautiful thing, since we are constantly creating our reality based on our thoughts and actions, nothing is set in stone.

I use tarot to help give guidance and messages to empower people to create the outcomes they desire and to course correct when necessary.

If you’d like to see some examples of generalised readings to see if you like the way I work, please check out my Youtube channel and hit subscribe. I hope to be adding lots more videos over the coming months. Any likes, comments, subscriptions and shares are very much appreciated.

Higher Path Healing – Youtube Channel

Introductory Price – 30 mins – $40

Akashic Records Reading / Soul Profiling & Clearing

“She’s an old soul…” “He’s been here before” Have you heard those terms used talking when talking about children and babies? Do you have the profound feeling that there is more to you than your current life and experience? Every human has a soul. It’s the life essence of you.

The Akashic Records hold within it every soul’s journey and experience throughout time. Even if the concept of past lives or your soul’s origination in the universe is all a bit too abstract there can be a lot learned by being reminded who we are at soul level.

Soul profiling locates the most prominent energetic ingredients that make up the soul. It helps identify strengths and gifts and what imbalances of energies may look like. It also identifies a soul group origination which is where the soul first incarnated from. This gives a huge insight into why we feel, react and respond to life in different ways. If we are balanced and making decisions that compliment who we are at soul level everything flows more easily.

We then focus on the blocks and restrictions your soul has taken on throughout it’s journey. These were all created at soul level because you resonated with the message, trauma or it can be a coping mechanism. Once we understand what these blocks and restrictions are, they are put into context by discussing the story surrounding why your soul chose to take on these blocks and restrictions. Bringing awareness to what’s been holding us back is very empowering and allows for healing to take place. It helps us understand why the same old things may keep playing out in our life like a broken record or why we keep repeating self sabotaging actions and attracting certain situations.

Blocks and restrictions are cleared from your Akashic Records prior to your session, and after we’ve discussed all findings you’ll be given some homework do complete once a day for 21 days in a row to reinforce the clearing work.

90 mins: $120

Sound Healing

We are all energy. Sound Healing is a form of Vibrational Medicine used by ancient cultures all over the world. A combination of Tibetan healing bowls, crystal bowls and/ or meridian tuning forks may be used during your Sound Healing session depending on what your body needs. The sound’s vibration works by passing through the body, calming the nervous system and causing deep relaxation. The sound can remove and clear energy blockages which can reduce physical pain and stress, bring clarity and support the healing journey. It can also be used as a meditative practice to deeply connect with the breath and body.

60 mins – $80


Kinesiology and other Energy Healing techniques and readings are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. If you have a serious health imbalance or medical concerns please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional, and choose complementary healing part of a complete health care program if it feels right for you.

The information contained in this website is not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual and/or lifestyle guidance.

Hayley Clark makes no guarantees, claims or promises that the services can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any conditions, disorders or disease. Healing work undertaken rebalances energy and can facilitate your self-healing.