How to Choose a Reader?

…or healer? And how I work…

Choosing a reader / healer can be difficult. Especially when there’s so many modalities and social media accounts offering different things (or the same things!). It’s sometimes hard to know whose genuine and experienced to hold space for you. Unfortunately there’s a lot of inexperience out there marketing themselves hard as being well above their skill set and abilities.

It’s so important to find someone whose energy who is a good match for you. Booking a session based purely on impulse or because the reader is extremely vocal, confident, has more followers and puts themselves out there all the time self-promoting their success does not always guarantee a good outcome. This can be entirely smoke and mirrors.

However because social media is the current go-to place for advertising services and getting yourself seen it is good place to start checking people out and really sitting with the messages being presented. Don’t just listen to or read the words as these can be replicated from others and regurgitated. Rather feel into if the messages are genuine and heart centered, or from the ego purely for “likes”.

You can see the fire and passion in reader’s eyes when they’re in the zone and can begin to discern when they’re speaking from ego / personal opinion and when intuition and spirit kicks in.

My offerings are grounded and practical because the body, mind, spirit connection is imperative or all the information contained within is redundant. My entire soul purpose is to cultivate deeper and more meaningful connections in a compassionate and realistic way. This isn’t all lip service, love and light as that’s surface based without the deeper work to shine light on and integrate the shadow and hidden parts of ourselves with it.

I work in a space of zero judgement and provide you the space, clarity and support you need to help you navigate through the tricky times. I offer higher guidance through spirit and your own soul messages that I interpret and relay to you. We can’t always eliminate the tricky times, but we can move through them with more alignment, flow and grace to step us into our highest potential so we can continue to rise above and thrive.

I want you to walk away from a session with me feeling more clarity, lighter and having something to really think about in terms of overcoming, transforming and integrating what’s been sabotaging you. I often tell clients I feel like I’m not telling them what they don’t already know since I work with their own soul… but confusion and stress creates a disconnect when fear, doubt and uncertainty creep in and the different perspective can take understanding to the next level. Tarot is also an amazing tool for reading the most likely outcomes based on the energy in this moment… so can absolutely clear up areas of confusion and empower us to rewrite a more positive future since we are constantly creating our reality and destiny through our thoughts and actions.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, please click on the ‘Services Page” and book in a session with me.

With blessings,

Hayley xox